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The 20-Minute Technical SEO Workweek


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You know technical SEO is critical, but you don’t have time to stay on top of it.

I hear you.

Many SEO professionals are juggling 100 different tasks a week and can only focus on the next few big priorities.

But checking the most critical technical SEO issues weekly has a huge ROI.

I can already hear the counter arguments from full-time technical SEO pros – “you can’t even scratch the surface in 20 minutes a week.”

I agree.

But the point of this guide is to demonstrate how to monitor your most critical issues from a high level, and diagnose where to spend more energy digging in.

Some weeks, a 20-minute checkup may be all you need.

Other weeks, you may find a disastrous canonicalization error and call in the troops for an all-hands-on-deck assault.

If you’re lagging big time on monitoring your technical SEO, you’re about to get a big efficiency boost by following this workflow weekly.

1. Search Console Overview (Minutes 0-10)

There’s no better place to start than popping over to Search Console for a high-level scan of everything. The data is straight from Google, the dashboard is already built for you, and you already have it set up for your account.

What we’re looking for is glaring errors.

We’re not digging into pages to analyze small keyword movements.

We’re looking for the big kahunas of problems.

Start with the Overview section:


The 20-Minute Technical SEO WorkweekRead more

Making a Statement: The Use of Stacked Text Blocks in Web Design

The Web Designer Toolbox

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It is so exciting to examine modern website designs and stumble upon tiny things that developers find adorable. “Tiny details make the difference” – we hear this a lot these days.

Indeed, it is true. These small unique solutions and tricks make projects stand out from the crowd. They make experiences original, and make user interfaces thrilling and unforgettable. These days, tiny trends prevail over the big ones.

Developers do not dwell on one big thing; they experiment with many smaller ideas. Therefore, we can witness stunning microscopic solutions that make the web diverse. One of those tiny trends is stacked text blocks on a homepage.

The Web Designer Toolbox
Unlimited Downloads: 500,000+ Web Templates, Themes, Plugins & Design Assets

It's time to turn on HTTPS: The benefits are well worth the effort

HTTPS websites get a speed boost, better search engine rankings and fewer browser warnings

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Lucian Constantin By Lucian Constantin
Romania Correspondent, IDG News Service | MAR 14, 2017 5:30 AM PT

Over half of web browser connections are now encrypted.
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After Edward Snowden revealed that online communications were being collected en masse by some of the world's most powerful intelligence agencies, security experts called for encryption of the entire web. Four years later, it looks like we've passed the tipping point.

The number of websites supporting HTTPS -- HTTP over encrypted SSL/TLS connections -- has skyrocketed over the past year. There are many benefits to turning on encryption, so if your website does not yet support the technology it's time to make the move.

Recent telemetry data from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox shows that over 50 percent of web traffic is now encrypted, both on computers and mobile devices. Most of that traffic goes to a few large websites, but even so, it's a jump of over 10 percentage points since a year ago.

Meanwhile, a February survey of the world's top 1 million most-visited websites revealed that 20 percent of them supported HTTPS, compared to around 14 percent back in August. That's an impressive growth rate of over 40 percent in half a year.

Web site development

Website Services for Small Business, Organisations, Individuals

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Website Services for Small Business, Organisations, Individuals


We aim to be your own website team – to do for you what the in-house website department does for a larger company.

Website Developer Services

Perhaps you already have a website but you want to do more with it – or you want it to do more for you.   Do you want to add:-

  • an easily updateable blog
  • photo gallery
  • e-commerce – an online store
  • more website pages
  • audio or video
  • a new look

Or just make a few changes to an existing site?  Weblines offers technical expertise with a friendly face, to do whatever you need for your website.

Internet Marketing

To make your website more valuable to you in marketing your product or increasing awareness of your services, weblines can:-

  • set up and manage a Google Adwords campaign
  • perform SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • set up and manage an email database or mailing list
  • format and send your email newsletters

New Website

Or are you ready for your first website?  Whether you have everything ready and you don’t know where to begin, we can help you get started with a new website.

Read on or Talk to us

And we’ll do all this with a mind to Accessibility, Web Standards and current thinking on website development.  Free consultation to discuss your website needs.  


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