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Making a Statement: The Use of Stacked Text Blocks in Web Design

The Web Designer Toolbox

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It is so exciting to examine modern website designs and stumble upon tiny things that developers find adorable. “Tiny details make the difference” – we hear this a lot these days.

Indeed, it is true. These small unique solutions and tricks make projects stand out from the crowd. They make experiences original, and make user interfaces thrilling and unforgettable. These days, tiny trends prevail over the big ones.

Developers do not dwell on one big thing; they experiment with many smaller ideas. Therefore, we can witness stunning microscopic solutions that make the web diverse. One of those tiny trends is stacked text blocks on a homepage.

The Web Designer Toolbox
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How to fix ransomware WannaCry attack

W. MI man hailed as hero for stopping global cyberattack

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A massive worldwide cyberattack crippled computers worldwide in a blackmail scheme that demanded payment or else data systems would be impacted.

The attack hit computers in about 100 countries including China, Russia, France and Brittan where the National Health Service was compromised temporarily shutting down some emergency rooms and misdirecting ambulances.

But it was a computer security engineer who works out of his home in Fremont that brought the attack to a halt.

The attack happened Friday using a flaw in Microsoft systems that was revealed in a release of National Security Agency information. The malware named “WannaCry” created a huge mess.


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