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Chelsea Window


Chelsea Window

Window Cleaning

Chelsea Cleaning Windows is an optimized site, which gets the best results from search engines. Located in the heart of New York City, this cleaning company gets a good number of large contracts, due to their professional website. The most prestigious companies like Apple, TGIF and Tiffany to name a few, are some of its customers. Our parameters were chosen very carefully, and our pages contain the necessary words for optimization.

Kid Preferred


Kid Preferred


Kids Preferred is a commercial site for the sale of toys, clothes and accessories for children. All their products are made in the USA from imported materials from China. The site maintains stocks and orders.

Mount Sinai Hospital


Mount Sinai

Medical Research

The Mount Sinai Hospital is a basic site for an association defending medical research, with its head office located in New York City.




Data Warehouse

ROI-BOT ™ is a vendor neutral data warehouse, which gives its dealers the opportunity to consolidate or simply refer . ROI-BOT ™ incorporates automatic flow of data and manual input data, so that there is no limitation to which the suppliers of data can be stockées.Over time, dealers are changing: website platforms, social media tools, chat providers, and other providers .

Medical Wast


J&J Waste

Medical Waste

With over 25 years of hands on experience serving medical waste generators, J & J Waste will exceed your expectations at a price that is unparalleled in the industry. Our friendly courteous drivers will work with you to insure all your needs are met .




Trade and Container

We built a dynamic web site for maritime data analysis .The various data sets collected via third-party sources and from sources within IHS Maritime & Trade, the parent of, will allow you to make informed business decisions by analyzing up-to-date data on pricing, freight volume and service reliability . Data is updated weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the data set .

MaconPace Inc


Macon Pace Inc


Macon Pace, Inc. (MPi) is a certified MBE/ DBE / SBE firm located in New York City and Hamilton, New Jersey. MPi provides Engineering Design Services for Civil, Structural, Roadway, Electrical, Security Systems, ITS and CAD to the transportation industry . For construction projects, MPi provides construction management and Inspection as well as Project Control services .

Dr Ponti MD

Coronary artery disease is atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, producing blockages in the vessels which nourish the heart itself.  Without adequate blood flow from the coronary arteries, 

the heart becomes starved of oxygen and vital nutrients it needs to work properly. Your coronary arteries are blood vessels on the heart. Before your teen years, fat can start to deposit in the 

blood vessel walls. As you get older, the fat builds up. This causes injury to your blood vessel walls. In an attempt to heal itself, the fatty tissues release chemicals that promote the process of 

healing but make the inner walls of the blood vessel sticky .

RLC Transit

Real Life Choices Transit is located in Bernardsville, New Jersey. This organization primarily operates in the Local and Suburban Transit business / industry within the Local & Suburban Transit 

& Interurban Highway Transportation sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 10 years. Real Life Choices Transit is to employ 11 team members and services 70 families 

daily. Real Life Choices delivers clients to work centers, Job centers and various job sites . 



UBM Businesses

Marketing services

UBM is a global marketing and communications services.
This company helps organizations make connections between them, to communicate their proposals and do business effectively.
It helps professionals in over 30 countries around the world to connect with each other as well as the markets they serve.
Edynamique established live events, through social media and in publications.

Joc Sailings


Joc Sailings

Naval Transport

Edynamique built this Custom site for Naval Population Research naval transport on the global market.
Edynamique created a search engine that offers users multiple ways to access naval shipping schedules across the world and related information.

Cruise Magazine



On North American

Edynamique built this custom site that offers cruises on the North American continent. This site is highly visual and allows the user to find cruises on a map. This site also presents many catalogs showcase of the organization of their cruises.

PCG Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing

Our humble digital marketing company’s beginnings lay in the automotive industry where we helped car dealers get found by local car shoppers. We continue to be one of the best in that industry to this day, but here’s the thing about our dynamic boutique approach, it’s allowed us to tailor each and every one of our strategies to get things done in any industry and every market.

Landmark Bank


Landmark Bank

Online Bank

The Landmark Bank website, designed and developed by Edynamique, incorporates a user-friendly internet banking system, an ATM finder and tabbed,iconic browsing instead of menu-style lists for easier navigation.

Referral Key


Referral Key


Get free leads from consumers in your area

Thousands of consumers use Referral Key everyday, looking for quality service professionals like you! Consumers simply visit your custom profile page, enter their contact information and the client they're referring and we pass the referrals on to you.


What is KNACKY? This is a new platform for artists of all kinds.
This project will require the participation of the artists themselves in order to create an ideal platform corresponding to their specific needs.
Basically, I hope to have about twenty artists who will participate in the prototype of the construction of the platform.
KNACKY (The name of the platform) considers an artist who has a passion, creation, exhibition of any kind, be it a musician, a poet, a photographer, a draftsman, a painter, an architect, etc.
The ultimate goal will be for the artist to define it himself, be it a gallery, an exhibition or a sale of his art.
The audience will be defined by the artist himself
All media will be imported on the platform, be it a poem, a drawing, a video, an audio or other form of art.
There will be about twenty chapters by the beginning of the project to explain in detail all the components of the project and the methodologies to accomplish our goal.

Voix Passion

Radmila Bacri, a world-renowned Serbian artist, sings a superb poem by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. To appreciate this beautiful song, you have to know more about Marceline Desbordes-

Valmore. French poetry does not do enough justice to Marceline Desbordes-Valmore poet of avant-garde romantic style recognized and admired by Charles Baudelaire among others. The 

enormous talent but even more intense passion of Radmila are felt through this poem Marceline beautifully accompanied on the guitar, which gives a style fused with folk and blues. Dare to 

sing in French with firmness, class and style as Radmila knows too well to tame us. We can only appreciate everything about her .




Kitchen-Collection is an E-commerce site for kitchen utensils.All elements of your business are supported by the site.From order entry to delivery of the product, through the purchase and packaging.





Spectracom's solutions for time synchronization include distributing timing via Network Time Protocol (NTP time servers), other precise signaling and protocols, and calibration and control of devices with accurate frequency references. Flawlessly skinned implementation originally built on DNN 3.1.1. Contains product listings, PDFs, feedback support forms, and built-in 'clock' function .





Home site for Microsoft's Worldwide Technology Innovation Partner of the Year Award. Originally a DNN 3.10-based implementation with a clean, corporate feel.

Canadian Transportation



Transport Logistics

Canadian Sailings is a basic site created for a publication addressed to professionals in the transport logistics and side by side distributed in Canada and beyond. The publication provides national and regional trade, transport information, profiles on personalities from industry, on companies and ports. It also publishes special features on shipbuilding, international trade, temperature controlled cargo, port security, Arctic expeditions, air freight, and others.
Edynamique created a monthly newsletter and many magazines. All archives are available on the site. Edynamique also created advertising links through which additional income and markets were generated.





CrossFit coaching is very personal web site . It coaches and understand that everyone is different as they tailor their coaching to the individual in order to better communicate their strategies and feedback.

Workout Box


Workout Box


Workout Box was created to share the best and most effective workout routines across the fitness community; resulting in a definitive collection of highly respected workouts. Built through the collaboration of skilled fitness and technology experts, with the goal of becoming the #1 resource for Workout Routines on the web, WorkoutBox offers unique value to the health and fitness market.

Podiatric Medicine


We provide complete solutions for your foot and ankle problems

Jersey Shore Podiatry in Neptune, New Jersey is a leading podiatry practice that has served the Jersey Shore and Monmouth County areas since 1986. Our practice is devoted to the medical and surgical care of foot and ankle conditions including traumatic injuries, fractures, sports injuries, wounds, and arthritis.

Diagnosing foot pain is not always easy. To help us determine the root cause of your symptoms, our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Robert Sussman, will perform a complete biomechanical evaluation of your feet. Using the best technology and most reliable treatment methods, he will help you get back to living an active, healthy life – free of foot and ankle pain.

Dog Sitter New Jersey

We are a team of dedicated passionate dog sitters. We provide all your needs for your pet. We customize each individual request carrefully tailored to your specific needs.
We provide unique services to provide full range of exercises for your pet, from intense walking to running in safe areas. Safety is our most important criteria .

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