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Robin D.

Robin Domanski
New York

On 3/18/2015
Edynamique is a team of professionals that built my site. They analyse and gather my requirement to elaborate a project plan. They have constructed a site that is a true reflexion of my need. My business has been really good since then. Thanks George and your team.

Chelsea Window Cleaning, SERVICES INC,
215 East 5th St.,
NYC 10003 .
Tel : 212-598-5939 . Fax : 732-446-0169 .
Robin Domanski, Office Manager


Petit Mall

Michael S
New York

On 9/01/2015
Edynamique is a great company and a great partner. This team has provided us all the assistance we needed after the official launch of our professional website. Their prices are very competitive and the site was created and developed quickly enough. To all the professionals who need it,I recommend the work of Georges and his team, specialized in this field!
Professional work.

Michael S, Head of Information Technology
Petit Mal CAE Research Inc
215 East 5th St.,
NYC 10003 .
Tel : 212-598-5939 . Fax : 732-446-0169 .
Robin Domanski, Office Manager


Larry Presser

Kids Preferred
New Jersey

On 3/08/2015
Edynamique created for our company a successful business website that makes our business a much more cost effective and profitable activity. Our site content management system is effective and its use is comprehensive and simple. We are satisfied with the search engine optimization on search engines, putting our ranking a very suitable place.
Edynamique great job!

Larry Press Chief technician information.
Kids Preferred
81 Twin Rivers Drive,
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Tel : (732) 274-1144 . Fax : (732) 274-2250 .


Chris D.

Chris Damay
French Riviera

On 4/03/2014
Edynamique created my professional site up to my expectations, and I am delighted with the impact it brings to my business, prosperous since. SEO of my site is well placed and its use is simple. Georges and his team remain experts in web design highlighting the values of my job. I will recommend their work, if you want a high quality professional website. Thank you to George and his team, very satisfying job!
Christophe Damay, music teacher.

Christophe Damay,
9, avenue Pierre Chalmette,
06220 Golfe Juan.
Tel : Fr
Christophe Damay, Music Teacher


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Georges Lorentz


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